All our work is covered by an all-inclusive 4 year warranty.

If any areas of your home are not taken care of properly, you can be sure problems will show up within the first 2 years. we stand by our work and will come out to fix up any problem areas that you may find.


We warranty quality work. That means we require a full power wash, all the necessary prep-work and quality materials in order for us to back up our work. If any corners are cut, you may save money in the short run but we can not guarantee that the job will last.


Why two coats: Some customers would like a paint job that lasts longer than 5 to 6 years. If that is you, we recommend doing 2 coats to give you extra protection around your home. If you would like and estimate for 2 coats, you can expect that to last 7-10 years for 30% more of the original price.


example: $4850 

30% of that would be  $1455 including labor and paint.