At Mastery  Painting we know the preparation is the key to a beautiful and long lasting painting job. That’s why we make sure to follow the steps from beginning to the end to exceed your expectations.  

Types of stain for decks and fences water based 

There are difernt types of stain that we can apply to fances and decks.  Also the type of wood play a significants rolld on how the finish will look.

  • Opaque stain 

  • semi-transparent stain 

  • solid stain  (looks like regular paint)

Water based or oil-based? 

While is most commun to used water based stain for deckshouse but if you looking for a  more upscale look you should go with oil based  stain. 

How long will the stain will last?

Water stain will usually last for 2- 3 years at the most, while oil will last at least 4 yearsdepending on the brand and quality of the product.

Most popular woods for decks and fences are 

  • cedar

  • pine

  • spruce

What is the best sheen for your project depends on your personal preference and what is available on the product you decided to buy. 

The process 

We power wash the deck or fence  let it dry for  1 day or 3 days depending on the weather,

water any plants around the deck 

water deck

apply deck cleaner and brighter to deck after watering

scrub deck with synthetic bristle brush broom and let it sit for over 10-15 minutes.

rinse the cleaner and brighter solution. 

we replace any wood that is rotten if any

apply 2 coats on all surfaces to ensure maximum protection.