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At Mastery  Painting we know the preparation is the key to a beautiful and long lasting painting job. That’s why we make sure to follow the steps from beginning to the end to exceed your expectations.  

Prepwork​ for interior painting 

Every job is different when it comes to painting the interior of your home  there are different approaches we can take depending on the scope of work.. 

Here are some scenarios:

Painting Ceiling walls and trim when house is occupied.

We will  first start with protecting the rooms that we will be working on, clean drop cloths on carpets and floor paper on hardwood floors. Furniture will be place in the middle of the room and protect with plastic.


Once everything is protected we are ready to start the prep work such patching walls,  caulking and trim if they need

once the prep-work is done, the fun begins we can start painting the ceilings, after the painting ceilings we will painting the trim*  by brush and roll or by spraying  it depending on your preference and your budget (*windows, doors and door frames, baseboard etc.)  As soon as we are done with we will start painting all the walls. Depending on your choice we can start painting wall in any area of your home.