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  Our Interior Painting Process

Every interior painting job is unique. Wether we painting wall only, ceilings and walls or walls ceiling and trim (doors, window frames and baseboards)

Here some variants that could change the price and our approach  to the project:

Empty house 

Occupied house 


New Construction 


Empty House Repaint Ejemplo

Let's say we are painting walls, trim and ceiling and the client wants the trim with a spray finish.  Three color in total for this project. One color for ceilings one color for walls and one for trim. With that in mind, first we will start doing all the prep-work such calking, filling nail holes, calk where needed.


Once the prep-work is done, we will start getting trim ready for spray such as removing doors and setting one are to spray all the doors, protecting window glasees with plastic, protecting  floors or carpet as needed. 

After the trim is done we will start spraying or rolling the all the ceilings. After the ceilings are finished we will start rolling all the walls.

The final step will be clean up an check for touch-ups

Hardy Plank siding
Vinyl siding
aluminum siding
Cedar siding