Exterior Painting 



At Mastery  Painting we know the preparation is the key to a beautiful and long lasting painting job. That’s why we make sure to follow the steps from beginning to the end to exceed your expectations.  Note: every job is unique.​

Types of siding:

wood siding,: cedar

vinyl siding, plastic or aluminum

composite siding, (hardy plank)

fiver cement sinding

house build in before 1979 will most likely content lead. if you want to check if you house has a lead buy this product.

Note: every job is unique.​ every siding takes different application


Prepwork​ for hardy plank sinding 

 Power wash house to get rid of all dirt, moss. Let it dry 1-3 day depending on the weather.
 Scrape all loose paint

 We remove or cover all exterior lights.
 Prime all areas as needed with water base primer.
 Cosmetic caulking where needed. such as around windows and door frames seams if needed
 Cover all areas not to be painted such as windows, plants, roof, and concrete.


 After all areas have been properly prepared, we start spraying   first coat and second coat if you paid for it.

 After we are done painting two coats on the body we will proceed to removed all plastic from windows and roof as we go along painting the trim.


we apply two coats on the trim. the trim could be facia, doors and door frames, shutters if any and window frames.

Once we are done with trim and body we proceed to look for any touch-ups.

 We walk around your property to ensure that everything is clean and neat.